Buy the Right Ingredients

Hello Friends,

I must be in a sharing mood because I am going to share a cooking experience that is sure to give you a free laugh. I probably shouldn’t tell this story but I am going to anyway.

Many, many years ago when my kids were young I asked my sister for some fresh ideas for cooking dinner. She recommended corn beef hash. I had never made it but thought it was a good idea. She gave verbal instructions and told me to buy some corn beef. I was to start boiling my cabbage and add the corn beef when it was near done. I followed instructions, or at least I tried to. The problem was that I did not get corn beef from the meat department. I got a can of corn beef hash and put it in my fresh pot of cabbage.

Don’t laugh yet. I set my pretty table and the family gathered for dinner. I was really excited about showing off a new and different meal. Although the presentation was not exactly to my liking. Shortly after setting down, I noticed my southern gentlemen staring at his plate. I only had to wait another second for the next reaction. My son, who was about 9 at the time, looked at me and said “ I am not eating this, it looks like cat food”. I almost passed out with shock and shame. The truth was, I wasn’t happy with what I saw either. I couldn’t even get mad because I understood. I simply cleared the table and called my sister to find out what I did wrong. I don’t remember what she called me but it probably wasn’t nice. I just remember her saying that I had bought the wrong kind of meat. The moral of this short story is “make sure you get the right ingredients”. And just in case you are wondering, I never, ever attempted to cook corn beef again.